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Sunday, 14 December 2008

My Massive CD-Mastering Mind Map

Everything you could ever want to know about mastering (*), all in one monstrous PDF mind-map file.

It speaks for itself, really.

(*) Or at least, everything that has occurred to me so far !

If you're curious, you can download it HERE.

This post started out as an experiment with a great piece of iPhone software - iBlueSky. I've been using this great little app on my beloved iPod Touch, and I'm seriously impressed. If you're an iPhone or iTouch user who's interested in mind-mapping software, I heartily recommend it. (When they add the ability to manually colour-code branches and type-set the text, it'll be even better.)

I'm also using it to brainstorm ideas for my new, very hush-hush "secret project" - but more on that in a future post.

If there are any questions or suggestions you'd like to make about the map and it's contents, please feel free to comment !


Anonymous said...

That's cool! I like the way you have gone beyond the actual mastering process to all the related areas - before and after your contribution. I've had a play with another mind map app called Mindomo. It's free and it makes the picture interactive. Lord know how it looks on an iphone however! Thanks for this.

timseley said...

I think my head just a-sploded.

alexxasapsman said...

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