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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Stop The Loudness Wars

It will be pretty clear to anyone reading this blog that I'm against excessive levels on CDs. (Understatement of the year !) So far this story has gained some great coverage for the "Loudness Wars", but if it's really going to get widespread exposure, I think even more publicity is needed.

Luckily, there's something we can do about this:

Submit this story to the to the BBC

Scroll to the bottom of the page and submit a comment saying you think they should be covering this story. Just mention Metallica and the distortion on the new CD, and say you're against the Loudness Wars. Maybe post a couple of links to mainstream coverage of the issue to help them realise what a big deal is - perhaps mention, too.

Second, if you haven't already:

Even if you aren't a fan, this sends a clear message to the whole record industry that we don't want excessively loud, distorted CDs. Remember, every vote cast means ten or more unhappy fans !
Finally, email your favourite music magazine, newspaper, radio station, music TV show etc and ask if they are going to cover the story, including a link to an example - for example this one in the Guardian:

If enough of us do this, hopefully people will take notice of the story and we can really make this a mainstream issue.


Daniel said...

The biggest newspaper in Sweden wrote about this:)

ianshepherd said...

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for letting us know.


troy said...

front page of wall street journal today


Matte said...

What are the odds that Death Magnetic will be re-mixed in the near future? We need to press this Viagra UK abusers from destroying our music.