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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Mastered by Muppets

OK just a bit of fun but this is simply too good not to mention:

Listen to this and read this along with the singing.

Very very clever.


HuSniTo said...

The "Mastered by Muppets" copy of Master of Puppets sounds better than DM although it's an online low quality audio file not a full 320 mp3. I feel angry!!

I've been the biggest Metallica fan, I even liked St. Anger!! I'm really angry and sad. I wonder how the band feel about themselves.

Melvillain said...

Great find. I laughed my ass off!

Matte said...

That thing is really funny, there is no way we could over look that, is just as you can't overlook Viagra UK users trying to hide the embarrassment of a purchase