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Monday, 19 May 2008

Christine Tobin - The Secret Life of a Girl

An excellent (and well-deserved) review of Christine's new album which we mastered back in March, as I mentioned in my first post. It's always good to see one of your artists doing well - I love this record, and I wish Christine every success with it. Maybe this will be the breakthrough she deserves !

And while I think of it, Phil got a great review too !

Christine Tobin, Secret Life of a Girl

**** (Babel) 

John L Walters
Friday May 16, 2008
The Guardian

Dublin-born singer Christine Tobin is a jewel of the London jazz scene, streets ahead of the pack, but she deserves better. She should be on a global stage, rubbing shoulders with fellow troubadours like Cave, Mitchell and Cohen. And while her current 15-date tour should help broaden her UK fan base, this is an album that could break through to a bigger, international audience. Tobin's eloquent songs are framed by masterful arrangements and beautifully recorded to make the most of the content. There's no self-indulgence: it's all about the songs. Dave Whitford's sonorous bass and Phil Robson's self-effacing guitar are the perfect match for Tobin's rich, dark-hued vocals.

Highlights include the swampy Bye Bye; the Corner of an Eye, with its archaic "spring reverb"; and a delicious cover of Cohen and Robinson's Everybody Knows. Yet it's a tribute to the quality of Tobin's writing that there are no weak spots in this excellent collection.

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