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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

CD & DVD on the same disc

Richard Durrant's DAVD discs arrived today - CD audio on one side, DVD on the other of a single disc. This is a format I've been wanting to promote for years, back when the only option was DualDisc, but manufacturing costs plus licensing and compatibility issues put paid to that.

But all that is history now, and you can get a DAVD pressed up for only 60% more than a normal CD. That's incredible value, compared to a 2-disc CD and DVD package which costs more than twice as much, including the packaging. And as a format it beats Enhanced CDs hands down, if you ask me.

So, what are you waiting for ?!

And, speaking of Richard, here is a video of his single-handed live performance of one of my favourite things, Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint, a piece for 12 guitars... prepare to boggle.

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Ash said...

Where can I get these DAVD discs manufactured?? They're EXACTLY what I need!!

ianshepherd said...

Hi Ash,

Are you in the UK ? We do them at SRT - there are two plants we use regularly - DAVD has a min run of (I think) 2000, or now we can do DualDisc too where I think you can do only a thousand. Give me a call or drop me an email (contact details on the site). If you're in the US I can ask around for a recommendation.


Joan keeley said...

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