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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

SADiE acquired by Prism

This post

says it all, really - this is great news for the pro mastering community, and for everyone at SADiE. Prism has impeccable audio credentials, and is even based in Cambridge, just down the road from SADiE HQ. I'd like to wish them every luck in the future.

On a less positive note our Nakamichi tape deck is on the blink, right when we need it to do some transfers - so we borrowed another one, which is also playing up !

But on the plus side I'm doing lots of classical re-compilations for Universal at the moment. In recent years classical mastering work has been pretty thin on the ground, so it's a pleasure to hear some of the old favourites. Universal now have their entire classical and jazz catalogues available online - over 100,000 albums...

More DIY mastering next post.

Currently listening to "Diamond Hoo Ha" by Supergrass.

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